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PEMF in The News!


What causes pain?

We are electrical beings. Everything we do follows an electrochemical pathway from our brain, to our hands, shoulders, stomachs, even to our toes! Now that you understand what causes pain, this is where PEMF ties in. I have used PEMF to treat pain and promote healing, with or without the combination of stem cells, on myself, friends, and family with dramatic results. What do you feel? During treatments with PEMF you feel electrical impulses, from tingling, to frank muscular twitching that is NOT painful. So, if you have an implanted electronic device, PEMF will likely not work safely in your situation. However we do offer other therapies. Traditionally therapy with electrical impulses can be performed unattended with pads, often with lower intensities as well as less effective frequencies. Traditional TENS units that we are all familiar with are good examples. Or they can be guided, uniquely with the ElectronsPlus PEMF device. they allow the practitioner to "gu

What is PEMF?

Please click READ MORE to watch the video. This unique device by Electrons+ creates a highly controllable electromagnetic field (it has a tesla coil inside) that can be guided into a patient with your fingers. Nikoli Tesla woud be so proud!   I was treated by Dr. Billingham from Electrons+ and I have firsthand experience and training. At this time, I am only using Electrons+ devices for therapy, as we combine it with manual techniques. The feedback a practitioner gets in real time can customize the therapy for an individual's particular needs. This is why I love the Electrons+ device. It brings back the healing touch to a clinicians hand! However, I have included multiple additional videos from other PEMF manufacturers, which may work out for you in your situation.